«Received my order of Leg Gloves they do what they are reported to, have not had issues with a wet cast since using your product, had tried others but wet cast was the result.  Would have no hesitation in recommending your product to others.  Thank you.»

Wilma VIC

«Just wanted to give some feedback on my order. I bought the four pack of leg sleeves for my son. They were delivered very promptly and were great to use after trying to secure his leg in a plastic bag and wound tape for each shower. It was great to be able to get something that was not too expensive and worked well. Many thanks.»

Eleanor VIC

«Having broken my arm and struggling with plastic bag and tape to try and keep plaster dry in the shower, my friend suggested I try this product she gave me, supplied by Meccatech Health Care. What a breeze, no more problems keeping plaster dry now, with the accompanying straps to secure the glove fits firmly with no moisture getting in, and being easy to fit. I only used the one glove all the ...»

M Loper Timaru NZ

Leg gloves
«received my leg glove and used it this morning wow what a great idea no water got in at all not like the plastic bags and glad wrap I had been using, would thoroughly recommend this product to any one with dressings that can't get wet.»

Trish Port Ma...

«The Armrx really works well and I've been able to use my glove over and over again. thanks for supplying such a practical product.»

June Brisbane

«What a great product. Works well and saves my Carer so much time. Thank you»


Hospital Dispensers


If your nurses are cutting the end out of plastic bags, spending 5-10 minutes and a lot of tape attempting to protect patient IV’s and bandages for their daily bathing then ArmRx is the simple solution to limb water proofing at a fraction of the cost of makeshift and potentially leaking protective covers.

The Armrx Standard Arm Glove Hospital & Institutional self dispensing counter top or shelf box contains 30 Individual Hospital Arm Glove packages. Each Individual Hospital Arm Glove package contains one ArmRx® Arm Glove, 2 ArmRx® hook and loop straps and complete instructions for installation and use.

Each single pack of ArmRx Arm Glove can be saved by the patient for further use if required. The straps provided adjust the glove to the required size and fasten it securely on the limb, forming a watertight pocket that helps keep the user's arm completely dry even during total submersion in water.

TGA Approved ARTG 226969



Gains specific to Healthcare Organisations and Care Institutions...

  • Cost savings on the premature replacements of casts, bandages and dressings damaged by water and moisture
  • Cost savings on expensive nursing time required to replace the damaged dressings, bandages and plaster casts
  • Cost savings on nursing time spent on assisting patients with their personal hygiene
  • Cost savings on fewer health complications associated with undesirable exposure to water
  • Achievable improvements in wound and infection management
  • Achievable improvements in patient hygiene, cleanliness and independence
  • Overall positive impact on standards of care
  • Easy storage, administration and disposal
  • Cost effective solution to many healthcare issues associated with effective patient recovery and rehabilitation
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